Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 Year Old!!!

Wow, these past few 6 months have flown by, I can't belive Anna celebrated her 1/2 year birthday this past Friday. She had a great check up today at the MD: 18.5 lbs (90th %) and 28 3/4 in long (off the charts for length MD says). I am thinking we have a future model/volleyball player on our hands:) Right on track developmentally, here is what's new with Anna this month:

-Sitting up (short periods of time)
-Does NOT like laying on her back, she is the queen of back-arching:)
-Loves her jumperoo (really just likes to be up and looking around at everything)
-Loves to EAT! Taking solids 3 times per day and will eat anything that is offered
-Nurses or bottle 5 times/day (going to start 4 times/day)
-Introduced sippy cup
-Enjoys constant interaction with others
-Started music class this month with her friends, so much fun!
-Drooling A TON (no teeth yet but MD said bottom gum inflammed)
-Loves using her voice (first sound 'babababa'), lots of baby babble

Here are some pics from past two weeks. We had a fun playdate with the PMCH crew and babies. Greg & I are really just enjoying our time with Anna. Thank goodness it has warmed up because Anna loves her walks/jogs in the stroller.

Sorry pics aren't organized/filtered, limited on time today:(

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March - Five 1/2 Months

Here are some recent pics of Anna in the past two weeks. I worked this past weekend and came home to find she discovered her feet!

She's a drooling teeth yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five Months

Anna turned five months, she continues to amaze and amuse us everyday. Enjoy the pictures from the past month.

Anna's Baptism on February 20th

Randomn pics:

Celebrating Greg's 30th on his actual birthday

Grace came over to play

She was a HUGE help with Anna during bathtime

And enjoyed an ice cream cone too

Monday, January 31, 2011

Anna looking cute:)

Happy 30th Birthday Greg

Anna and I had a fun photoshoot to wish Greg a very, Happy 30th Birthday!!!!

Greg, Happy 30th Birthday! You are an amazing husband and Dad thank you for being you and so wonderful! Love you lots!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Four Months

Can you believe our little peanut turned four months old last week! Well, I'm not so sure she is so little anymore. Anna had her four month check-up last Wednesday. She weighed in at 15lb 15 oz and 26 3/4 in long! We are now packing away 6 month clothes and moving onto 9 months -she is growing so fast and changing every day! Dr. Bergstein was very impressed with her developments. The four month growth spurt has definitely thrown us for a loop, with waking up throughout the night to difficulty going down for bed, we're hoping we can get back on a schedule this week. We're having more fun feeding her rice cereal and luckily she is improving with the spoon - looking forward to introducing more solids in a few weeks. Had a great time celebrating Greg's 30th Birthday party with family and friends last weekend- it turned out to be a fantastic party!

Here is what Anna is up to this month:
-cooing, squealing, baby babble - very talkative (& noisy too:)
-smiling, laughing
-Nurses four times during day, 1-2 bottles at night
-Sleeping USUALLY 9-11 hours at night
-3 naps during the day- still in her swing:) Working on naps in the crib
-Strong head control
-Loves her hands and holds them together in front of her face
-Strong grasp, loves to shake her rattles
-Enjoys her teething toy 'sophie' (really any toy, hand, fingers, lovie, etc to put in her mouth will do!)
-Loves interaction with others (especially being sung and talked to)
-rolling from belly to back
-turning on her sides (I think she'll be rolling from back to belly in a few weeks)
-likes sitting up
-still enjoys her activity mat (but only for a short period of time)
-eating rice cereal 2 times/day, getting better with the spoon
-starting to scoot back during belly time (I have a feeling she will be on the move sooner than later:)

Working part-time has fit perfectly into our schedule. Greg loves being a stay-at-home Dad one day a week - it is so fun to see his interaction with Anna, he is really such a fun, loving Dad. And of course Anna loves her day with her Nana. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks- ENJOY!

Hanging with my buddy Cash

Loves when my Dad reads to me

Having my friends Will, Cash and Carter over for a playgroup

Trying on my Mom's gown she wore for her baptism - I will be baptised next month!

Snuggling with my Mom

Aww, thanks Carter for sharing your toys

My buds, Cash, Carter and Will

Love my boston terrier outfit:) THANKS Erin!!!

Thanks Nana for my new stuffed animal

Back to holiday celebration

YUM, love eating:)